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6 Week Transformation Challenge


It’s 2019 and you’re determined to stick to an exercise routine that works. You have a vision of what you want to look like, and we have the right program to get you there as fast as possible.


Last year you tried doing it on your own but didn’t get far.  Don’t blame yourself, there’s a lot of conflicting information around diet and exercise. We are here to simply and show you exactly what you need to do in the 6 weeks to redesign your body.


Ellen and I having a good laugh
marianna before and after picture.jpg
Marina Kearns 
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Pat & Ellen

Ellen's Story

Ellen knew she needed to do something about her declining health but she didn't know what to do. That's until she saw a video of her friend Judy's transformation on Facebook.


She had remembered Judy limping around in pain. She was amazed to see how strong Judy looked prancing around. Ellen was inspired by what her friend was able to accomplish and decided to start her own transformation.


In 6 short weeks, Ellen can say that she is doing more than she could ever have imagined. She is now able to get up and down from the floor effortlessly, which comes in hand when you're a grandmother. She has no more fears of falling over while squatting and shows no sign of slowing down.



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  • Fit better in your clothes

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  • Feel younger and energized

  • Feel and look amazing

Judy's Story

Judy and I hanging out

For over a year Judy suffered from chronic leg pain and often lost her balance while performing simple everyday tasks. The pain that Judy experienced often made it impossible for her to enjoy long leisurely walks on the bike path.


Her physical therapist encouraged her to participate in a strength training program. Judy questioned whether more intense exercise was going to help! But out of frustration and desperation Judy to gave it a chance and has not regretted her decision.


“Today, 14 months later I no longer walk with a crooked gait. I am back to walking regularly and pain-free. Today I am the strongest I have ever been.”

Deadlift Personal Records
Judy, Ellen, and friends performing some impressive deadlifts. Now, don't feel intimidated you will not be doing any of these on day one. I'm only showing you this so you can see what you're capable of accomplishing over time. Did I mention that Ellen and Judy are both over 60 years old?

Challenge Starts Saturday, January 12



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