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Have you ever been to a group fitness class? Where everyone is packed in like sardines and everyone is doing the exact same exercise even if it's not appropriate? Better yet, no one knows your name or cares about your goals, and you have no clue what you're supposed to be doing? You eventually get hurt or lose motivation because you're not seeing any results. If so, we're sorry to hear that. At TSF we care to know who you are and your goals are important to us.


Our classes are designed to burn maximum calories to enhance fat loss and to build strength. For 60 minutes we are right beside you to coach you up on proper form and to help you find the appropriate exercise level so that you'll get the most out of your workout. Our program is designed to leave you feeling energized and accomplished. You’ll never leave broken down, hurt, and beat up. 



Get ready to build some lean muscle and serious strength in this class capped to 8 members. The strategic size of this class allows for true personal training at a fraction of the cost. In 60 minutes we're able to give each member the personal attention they need. Each exercise is modified and personalized to meet the member's needs on that day. Whether you're a beginner or advanced athlete you'll be challenged and sure to see results. 




Metabolic is our unique interpretation of a boot camp class. We blend cardio & strength inorder to burn maximum calories and to rev up your metabolism for up to 24 hours.  We incorporate a little bit of everything, agility drills, kettlebells, medicine balls, you name it, we use it. That’s why you’ll never be bored in this class and get into the best shape of your life

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