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In 60-minutes you will strengthen and tone your entire body and burn 100's of calories.


After taking this class you can expect to feel stronger, leaner, and more confident.


The intimate size of this class (1-8 people) allows everyone to get personalized one on one coaching. There is a strong emphasis on performing every exercise with proper technique. 


 At TSANTOSFIT we believe in quality over quantity, that's why we do simple things extremely well. But don't worry you will never get bored we have different workouts each day.


P.S. This class is for everyone, all exercises scaled to ability level.


This class will keep you moving and sweating. We incorporate a variety of running and track drills to strengthen and tone the legs. (Runners love this class)


We utilize different tools such as our own body weight, kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX, ropes and much more to keep things fun and exciting.


This class will bring out the inner athlete out of anyone.


P.S. Everyone works at their own pace, so this class is for all levels beginners and veterans.


If you are not ready for our awesome classes or prefer one on one personal training, we can make it happen by appointment only.

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