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Amanda Poirier 

Providence, RI

Due to an injury(s), it was recommended that I "get strong" to be able to run again. Thiago is/has helped me get there. It's hard work but through his individualized workouts, I'm getting stronger to compete in the Boston Marathon (2015). We review goals and he makes sure I'm on track to meet my goal(s). I appreciate his time and attention to detail when it comes to planning my workouts and making sure I stay on track. Also, I appreciate his attitude - always positive. Thanks, Thiago for your hard work!


Ellen Matesanz

Providence, RI

I have been working with Thiago Santos as my personal and team trainer for the past year. He is knowledgeable about all aspects of health and fitness and encourages his training groups to focus on not only exercise but also nutrition, lifestyle, and personal goals. He supports both individual and group goals and provides a nice balance of direction, challenge, and enthusiasm to his training sessions.


Lauren Germani

Providence, RI

Thiago trained me as I was getting ready for a friend's wedding and a bike race in June. I signed up for a half-hour session for six weeks which kicked my butt each week. After the 6 weeks, I could definitely feel the difference in my conditioning and strength. I would highly recommend Thiago if you are looking to jump-start your fitness!

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Monica Shearer, ARe, ARM, AIC, AIS
Taunton, MA

I first came to know Thiago when I hired him as a personal trainer at Healthtrax in Warwick, RI. I purchased 12 weeks of training and met with him once per week, but also encountered Thiago at the gym on other occasions, and he was always very personable and professional. Thiago took the time to listen to what types of exercises I liked and he implemented those into our routines. Specifically, I had less experience with weight training vs cardio, and he was able to show me creative and fun exercises with weights and resistance bands. During our 12 weeks together, Thiago always had different routines prepared that made me work hard and sweat, and I looked forward to our hour-long sessions. Thiago consistently showed expert knowledge in the area of weight training, and he has an obvious curiosity for the latest trends in the healthcare industry. In short, I would never hesitate to recommend Thiago for personal training, and I would also not hesitate to hire him again.

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Marina Kearns

Fall River, MA

I’ve always had a desire to join the military or be on a police department, but one of my biggest hindrances was my weight. I would lose some of the weight and would attempt to pursue one of these career paths and would be told that I needed to lose a “few” more pounds. After hearing this enough times I eventually gave up and as a result of that I maxed out at 220 lbs. I was the most unhealthy version of myself that I had ever been and I wasn’t happy with what I saw in the mirror. I still couldn’t let go of the thought of being in the military or being on a police department. I prayed that God would send someone to help me lose the weight so I could give it one more try with one of those career fields.  Well needless to say my prayer got answered, and one day after church service I crossed paths with Thiago. Shortly after, Thiago had a workout plan for me that didn’t make me feel like I was losing brain cells every time I looked at it, and if I did have that deer-in-headlights look on my face over a workout, he would help me through it. Thiago has been a great motivator and would keep pushing me when I felt I wasn’t making any progress. I’m blessed to say that as a result of working with Thiago on this weight-loss journey, I have been able to enlist in the military and have been able to enlist as military police. He has kept me focused and has been more than a personal trainer on this journey, he has been a big brother as well. As with any family, they have your back and will push you to your potential and that is what you get in abundance with Thiago. 


Maureen Taylor
Providence, RI

Started working with Thiago six months ago to work on strength, flexibility, and stability. Thanks to Thiago and his personalized training program I'm now stronger and more confident about engaging in athletic pursuits. He listens to his clients and tweaks your program based on how you're feeling on a particular day


Jeff Levy, 
Providence, RI

I've been training with Thiago for six months now, and I can recommend him without hesitation. From the beginning, he took the time to listen and understand my fitness goals. I enjoy exercising now more than I ever have in the past, and Thiago works hard to keep me challenged and motivated. He's knowledgeable, communicates well, and has a good sense of humor. Overall, a great trainer and a great guy.


Frank Traynor,
Providence, RI

It has been my pleasure to be a client of Thiago Santos, as a personal trainer in both a commercial gymnasium and as a private coach. In fact, it was his work with me at the gym that encouraged me to ask him as an individual coach. Thiago received his degree from the University of Rhode Island and understands the theory behind his exercise. He practices and instructs the form, movement and routine with expertise. He is astute in his observance of a clients form and practice. The routines are comprehensive, customized and most importantly show results in quick time. He is adept at creating an exercise routine with or without major commercial equipment. Thiago is personable, encouraging and capable of supplying any supplemental information to enhance your routine, such as proper nutrition and integration of different exercise sets. I highly recommend him as a knowledgeable, attentive and effective trainer


John Winkleman Jr FCAS
Providence, RI

Thiago is my personal trainer at the Lincoln FT studio and I find him very personable and his attention to detail is great in the training process. He works well with a variety of people from teenagers to senior citizens which is very important in the type of work that he does.

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