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New Years Hope

Another year has gone by which is hard to imagine. I hope this past year was filled with joy, good health, and with many laughs with friends and family. More importantly may the year upon us trump the previous year.

It’s been said that each of us is but a breath at best. The truth is none of us know how much time we have here left on earth. We need to stop taking life for granted and live life to the fullest in order to have a positive impact on those around us.

Will this be the year that you succeed in your private, professional, and life in general? I believe you have what it takes! do you?

The renowned author Stephen R. Covey states that we all have four innate God given gifts to help us prevail in the journey of life. Self-awareness, conscience, creative imagination, and independent will.

I’ve often brushed off the whole new year’s resolution bandwagon craze.

My mentality was why does everyone wait for the first of the year to attempt to improve their lives? My motto is if something is important enough to you, you find a way to do it. Well, after pondering on this notion I arrived to my conclusion.

A new year gives us hope. Hope is the equivalent of oxygen without it we cease to exist. I figure why not embrace this new found hope that the year brings and accomplish what we set out to do.

Happy New Years!

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