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How To Build Toned Arms

The glutes get all the attention these days, but who doesn't admire a set of sculpted arms? Several years back Kelly Ripa’s arms were all the rage. Every female envied her arms. In a few steps I will highlight some key points to help you tone those arms.

What does toning mean anyway?

I hear a lot of females say, "I don't want to get big and bulky. I just want to tone up a bit". Building muscles plus losing body fat equal toning. Most females are happy to lose body fat, but lifting weights makes them nervous. They fear the myth of looking bulky.

Achieving a muscular physique does not happen by accident or overnight. It requires a deliberate attention and adequate calories.

When it comes to building muscles everyone is unique. Some individuals can look at a dumbell and add an inch around their bicep. Factors such as genetics, age, and hormones will determine how much muscle one can build. For example: A 20-year-old will have an easier time building muscle and losing weight compared to someone going through menopausa.

The results may vary but the principles of building lean muscle stand.

The meat and potatoes of your workout should consist of compound movements. These movements target several muscle groups in one sitting. Instead of starting your workout with bicep curls try some rows. You'll burn more calories and get stronger.

Bent-over Row

Another example of a compound move is the chin-up. They're a staple in my regiment and have been for years. They work just about every muscle in the body including the core.


If you can lift a certain weight for 10 reps, but feel like you could perform another 5 to 10 reps, the weight is too light. Select a weight that will allow you to train in the 8-12 rep range. This rep range is ideal for building muscle.

  • 1-6 reps = strength training

  • 8-12 reps = building muscle

  • 15+= endurance training

Utilize supersets to keep the intensity high. Perform an exercise followed by another exercise without any rest. This method keeps the heart rate up and cuts your workout in half.

Face pull superset with Bent-over fly

Isolating The Arms

Now that you have had your share of meat and potatoes: it's time for dessert. When it comes to direct arm training quality trumps quantity. Using strict form allows for the greatest muscle contraction. While performing a bicep curl focus on the biceps firing. Visualize your muscles growing and getting stronger with each rep. Bodybuilder are famous for using this technique. Adequate time under tension is crucial for stimulating growth. Make sure you perform your lifts slow and under control. Bodybuilders refer to this as chasing the pump.



3/0/2/1 Tempo

I have found this basic temp to be effective for developing the arms.

3= Take 3 seconds to lower the weight down

0= No pause at the bottom

2= Take 2 seconds to lift the weight back up

1= Pause and squeeze for one second at the top and repeat the process

I mentioned earlier that there are several factors that influence how much lean muscle you can develop. Regardless, these principles will help you sculpt the arms of your dreams. So be patient and consistent, building muscle takes time and dedication. If you want your muscles to look lean make sure diet is clean.

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