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3 Reasons Why You Need A Foam Roller

After a long day of standing on my feet and training clients, my lower back and legs can feel stiff as a board. Between sessions, I hop on a roller to loosen up and and stretch. I'm sure you can relate after a long day of work.

Foam rolling is comparable to getting a massage, but at half the cost. Most people call it a poor man's massage. After a massage, Who doesn't feel refreshed and loose as a goose. I know I do.

1. Loosen up and increase blood flow

Hopping on a roller before a working out is effective to loosen up stiff and tight muscles. A couple minutes of foam rolling will increase blood flow as well as your body temperature.

2. Active recovery

Rolling out can reduce muscle stiffness and soreness. The faster you recover the sooner you can return to action. Roll out each muscle group for about 30 seconds. Follow up with some mobility and light stretching. After, lace up and go for a relaxing walk.

3. Train the core

Who needs the next ab blaster when you have a roller. Check out 9 killer core exercises that you can do at home.

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